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The Wellness Center

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Mission Statement

The Strength Center strives to be an agent of physical and mental growth for athletes and non-athletes by using proper technique, appropriate progression, and inspired coaching in order to help members.


The Strength Center was originally created to serve athletes in the Grant County area by providing performance coaching that will not just help them in athletics, but throughout life. The performance coaches of The Strength Center are not sport specific coaches; however, our coaches will use their knowledge of the particular sports to develop athletes so that they may excel in their sport. We are not here to tell athletes what they should be doing on the field. We understand that it isn’t our job.


Soon, individuals of the general population began to see the benefits of the training that was done at The Strength Center and wanted to be a part of it. The Strength Center now works with the general population as they work towards their fitness goals. Though it is a lofty goal, The Strength Center would like to be a factor in moving Grant County from one of the unhealthiest counties in Indiana to one of the healthiest counties in Indiana.


To sum up why we do what we do; we at The Strength Center have a passion for the people of Grant County. Not only do we want to see our athletes excel in their given sport, but we want our neighbors to live long and healthy lives.

About Us

The Strength Center's purpose is to help members improve in the all-important areas of speed, strength, explosiveness, flexibility, and discipline.