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The Wellness Center

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Why Performance Training?

It takes more than God given talent to handle business in today’s athletic arenas. It takes a drive and desire to become the best athlete you can possibly be. It takes a constant awareness that somewhere, somebody else is working as hard as, or harder than, you. The Strength Center presents the opportunity to become the best athlete possible.


Athletes are assessed during their first week to establish the baseline that their programs will be based upon. This assessment covers the areas of body composition, explosiveness, speed, and strength. Movement analysis is made during the assessment to determine what corrective exercises are needed to help the athlete perform better.


The Strength Center staff believes in having a training calendar and a periodization model that corresponds to the needs of the athletes. This gives the athletes the individual attention that they need while still being able to train in groups.


Athletes that train at The Strength Center will get stronger, faster, and more explosive because athletes that train at The Strength Center REFUSE TO BE AVERAGE!

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