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The Wellness Center


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Attention Wellness Members:


We are excited to welcome you back!


We know these times have been tough for everyone and we are excited to have our wellness community back together. The Wellness Center is set to open tentatively Tuesday, May 26th. To ensure a safe and successful reopening of the facility, we ask that everyone work together to keep each other safe. We are all in this together! Here at The Wellness Center, we ask that everyone follow these temporary guidelines.



Please read the following guidelines carefully:


Masks and Face Coverings

In order to ensure the safety of our members, we will require that all members wear a mask or face covering upon entering the facility. We will be following this temporary measure until we receive new orders from Governor Holcomb.


Hand Washing

We ask that all members wash their hands for 20 seconds upon entering and exiting the facility. We will have two designated hand washing stations located by the front entrance of the facility.


Social Distancing

As per the recommendations given by the CDC, we ask that all members abide by the guidelines of social distancing. Please keep 6 feet distance between you and other members. When using the machines or equipment, we ask that you leave a distance of 6 feet or keep one machine between you and the other person. We also ask that you keep 6 feet distance between you and other members that are walking on the track. Please be mindful of others as you practice social distancing.


Cleaning Equipment

When using equipment, we ask that you please properly clean the equipment after each usage. Please spray the microfiber cloth first, then wipe down the vinyl seats, handles and any other points of contact. You do not have to wipe down the entire piece of equipment. Please wipe down the areas of contact only.  


Symptoms of Illness

If you or anyone in your household is experiencing any symptoms of illness or fever or if you or anyone in your household has traveled to a high risk location, we ask that you please stay home and self quarantine for 2 weeks.


Limited Numbers

At this time, we will be limiting the number of members that may be in the facility at any given time. If we feel that we have exceeded the limited amount of members allowed in the facility, we will then not allow any additional members in until numbers have been decreased to a safer amount.



We are so excited to have you back! We enjoy seeing our Wellness members everyday and look forward to having you back. We want to ensure a safe and successful reopening of the facility.  Due to temporary measures, we ask that Wellness members stay on the Wellness side only at this time. The Wellness Center and Rehabilitation Center must be kept separate from each other to ensure the safety of members, patients, and staff.  


Hours of Operation

Our hours will be changing as we get back on track:


5/25 Monday- Closed: Memorial Day  

5/26 Tuesday- 5:45am-7:00pm

5/27 Wednesday- 5:45am-7:00pm

5/28 Thursday- 5:45am-7:00pm

5/29 Friday- 5:45am-7:00pm

5/30 Saturday- Closed

5/31 Sunday- Closed


6/1 Monday- 5:45am-7:00pm

6/2 Tuesday- 5:45am-7:00pm

6/3 Wednesday- 5:45am-7:00pm

6/4 Thursday- 5:45am-7:00pm

6/5 Friday- 5:45am-7:00pm

6/6 Saturday- TBD

6/7 Sunday- Closed


We thank you for your cooperation and look forward to seeing everyone soon! We are looking forward to a safe and successful reopening.